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Patient Participation Group - Reports, Newsletter & Other Surveys:


Summary of Patient Participation Meeting 25th January 2022

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting 26th October 2021

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting 27th July 2021

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting 08th October 2019

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting 09th July 2019

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting held on 09/04/2019

Summary of Patient Participation Meeting held on 15th January 2019

Newsletter Edition 9

Healthwatch Report Broad Lane Surgery January 2016 (PDF, 167KB)

Patient Participation Group

Would you like to get involved in shaping the services we offer at the Practice?

If you are a patient at Broad Lane Surgery, you can have your say by becoming part of the Broad Lane Surgery’s Patient Participation Group (PPG).

Membership of the group is voluntary and all patients registered at the practice can apply to be members. Member recruitment should aspired to represent a demographic spread of the practice population and should not exceed a maximum of 12 patient representatives at any time.

The Patient Participation Group meets four times a year with the practice GP lead and Managing Partner. The Group is responsible for ensuring communications, news and information is passed on from the practice to patients and vice versa.

The key tasks and objectives are to provide a representative group of patients to:

  • Contribute to practice decision making and consult on service development and provision
  • Provide feedback on patient’s needs, concerns, interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary.
  • Support the practice in making improvements that further enhance the quality of patient care delivered.
  • Serve as a ‘sounding board’ for dealing with concerns and criticisms about the practice – represent patients as well as enabling them to understand the practice’s point of view
  • Provide a means for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice and their own healthcare.
  • Review the process by which the practice deals with complaints – where appropriate anonymised complaints may be brought to the group.
  • Help develop any future practice surveys and / or review / discuss the results of any feedback from Friends and Family Test and /or National GP practice surveys to help develop any action plans as / and when required.

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Patient Participation Terms of Reference

If you are interested in joining our PPG please complete this online form.

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