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Meningitis ACWY

A new vaccine is now available for students entering university / college – supply has been limited nationally. Contact us to arrange an appointment if you are or have a relative at university /college up to age 25 years if they have not already received a vaccination. A catch up programme is being run through schools (year 10, 11, & 12’s) and later in the year when supply is more readily available we will be able to vaccinate all current school year 13’s.

Confidential Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Testing for 15 - 24 year olds

We are offering free and confidential Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Screening to 15 – 24 year olds as part of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are two of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK, and young people are disproportionately affected.

Chlamydia is known as a ‘silent’ infection, because it often has no symptoms. Most people don’t get symptoms for gonorrhoea either. If you have had any form of sexual contact, you could be at risk of being infected with these and other STIs. Often the only way to know if you have an STI is to test!

We encourage you to get tested if you have never been tested before, if you have not tested in over a year and if you had contact with a different person since you last tested.

The test is quick, painless and confidential: all you have to do is fill in a short form and give us a urine sample or a self-swab (females only). You don’t need to be examined. You will get your result within 7 – 10 days of posting and, if you test positive, be referred locally for confidential and free treatment.

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