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Confidentiality and Summary Care records

NHS staff keep records about your health and the care you receive in order to provide a safe and effective health service. Other agencies who are involved in the care given to you will have access to your records too (with minimum information given).

Your information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent unless it is required by law or the health or safety of others is at risk.

We are one of the Richmond GP practices sharing information with NHS Richmond to help plan and deliver excellent patient care now and in the future.

We use the electronic patient records we hold.

We will not be using personal details, just anonymous information about prescriptions and diagnoses.

Safeguards are in place to keep your data safe in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Summary Care Records

This is an electronic summary of key health information available to health care staff treating patients anywhere in England. If you want to opt out please talk to the reception staff

A Summary Care Record is an electronic patient record. This is held centrally on the NHS Database and can be accessed by other health care providers if required when caring for you in another healthcare environment (e.g Hospital etc).

Information which the Summary Care Record will hold currently is only Medication and Allergies.

Patients have the choice to Opt Out of having a Summary Care Record – however to do this you MUST complete an opt out form which can be obtained here (PDF, 62KB). Please complete this and return to the practice.

Click here to read some Key Benefits of having a SCR (PDF, 34KB).

If you do opt out you should be aware of the consequences of the choice you have made. You can always change your mind and opt back in if you wish.

Click here to download the SCR Patient Leaflet (PDF, 1.14MB)