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71 Broad Lane, Hampton, TW12 3AX

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GPs can treat a range of illnesses, provide health screening and give health advice.They can refer patients to a medical specialist or an allied health professional if specialised care is required.

Dr Saikat Adhikari

Dr Zehra Rashid

Dr Suraj Dabhi

Dr Emma Warner

Dr Sapna Gulati

Dr Elizabeth Hamilton

Dr Sophia Fitzgerald - Smith

Dr Stephanie Zoutewelle


Clinical Pharmacists are highly qualified experts in medicines who can deal with a range of issues including prescription requests, medication reviews and helping to manage long term health conditions.

Jaime Ladva


The Senior Practice Nurse ensures the delivery of safe nursing care including minor illnesses, diabetes management, asthma monitoring, lung function tests, dressings and wound care, public health campaigns such as flu clinics, baby and child immunisations, travel vaccinations, cervical smear tests, family planning, sexual health, smoking cessation advice, weight management, ECGs* and Warfarin management.*

* With GP referral

Lynn Brock


The Home Visit Nurses will visit patients at home if it has has been decided, by their doctor, that this is required.

Clare Plunket

Sarah Dillon


The Health Care Assistant can assist with blood tests*, Warfarin monitoring*, new patient and health checks, B12 injections*, lung function tests, ECGs*, dressing and wound care, removal of clips and sutures, weight management, blood pressure monitoring, public health campaigns such as flu clinics.

* With GP referral

Karen Browning


We employ a Social Prescriber in partnership with RUILS and our neighbouring practices at Park Road and Hampton Medical Centre.They provide an opportunity to talk through any worries that might be affecting your health and wellbeing in a safe environment. The service supports you to make positive changes in your life by linking you up with groups, activities, and public services that can help.The support they refer you to could include: finding volunteering opportunities; improving emotional wellbeing including befriending schemes, peer support, or arts and leisure activities; social aspects of healthy living, which includes non-medical support to manage a long term health condition; practical support at home to keep safe.

You can watch a short film on this about Social Prescribing: Transforming Health for London.

Callum Harvey


The Practice Manager manages the business aspect of the surgery including personnel administration of non-clinical staff, developing and supervising appointment systems, ensuring that accurate records are kept, developing strategies for the practice on issues such as computer systems and security, helping with changing services and dealing with any complaints.

Linda Garland


The Reception Manager manages the reception staff, thereby assisting with the smooth running of the practice.The manager ensures an efficient and professional manner is maintained and provides a focal point of communication between patients, doctors and other medical staff.

Debbie Ayton


As part of the wider team in general practice, General Practice Assistants provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties.

They can help to free up GPs time and contribute to the smooth running of appointments, improving patients experience in the surgery. 

Debbie Ayton

Tracey Bullen

Demi Ayton


The receptionists deal with all telephone queries and requests from patients including making appointments and acting as liaison with the medical staff as necessary. They also manage medical records, as required. The medical administrator role involves administering all aspects of patient care including responding to letters and documents from patients and other health care providers, supporting clinical referrals and the administration of prescriptions.

June Samtani

Rebecca Jarvis

Nadia Barnebougle

Jacqueline Gabriel


The finance manager aspect of the role ensures that the staff get paid, manages budgets, and pays for goods and services. The IT part of the role includes ensuring confidentiality of electronic information, ensuring compliance with GDPR and running the implementation of any IT initiatives.

Fiona Webb

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